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Go Paperless, Go Digital, Go Rural

We are world’s fastest endpoint digital compression provider. Our technology compresses image, PDF, audio, video & Office Files up to 90% with no loss in visual quality. Our goal is to connect the enterprises to their customers digitally, from urban to rural, making it easy to provide solution even in areas with low networks, even at 2G speed, enabling branchless operation in rural areas. With AdStringO endpoint compression enterprises will be able to self-service customers at the point of sale itself. With AdStringO endpoint compression, field representatives or customers themselves can capture documents using Scanners & Mobile photos then compress up to 90%, without losing visual and print quality to initiate critical business processes at the transaction point itself. Connect with us in our drive to make a Digital India.

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, the company delivers primary storage and network bandwidth reduction under the brand AdStringO. AdStringO’s products are sold worldwide and have already helped small and medium-sized companies, universities, public and government institutions as well as the vast majority of Fortune 500 companies get more from their storage investments.

Mohan Chandrasekaran

“AdStringO vision is to provide easy transmission of the Last Mile Image/audio/video/PDF/Office Files Capture files either through Mobile or Web Scanner to the Enterprise Server at Point of Capture even at Low connected Networks like 2G. Our mission is to grow together with its employees, customers and partners to become the World’s Fastest EndPoint Mobile & Web Capture Compression technology partner for small and large companies for high quality files with lowest file size thus help easy transmission at low connected network.”

- Dr. Mohan Chandrasekaran, Founder & CEO, AdStringO

Image Compression

PDF Compression

Video Compression




Can operate from any mobile device


Works well even in 2G network

Visual Quality

Compress without compromising on quality


Easily integrates to browser as ActiveX or Extention


Captures image/audio/video in original colours


Works as a window widget on offline mode


Compress to 1/20 of the size of the original image/audio/video

Native Format

Compress the file in its native format


Eco Drive

Reduction in Power, cooling & floor space, helping save up to 96%.


Reduction in data mgmt., administration, tasks especially backup of files.

High Quality

High quality digital documents help avoid customer frauds & mis-selling.

Cost Effective

Delayed storage capacity purchase, annually save up to 96%.

Self Recovering

Total Cost of Ownership recovered within 6 months of incorporation.

Quality Compression

Compress capture documents by 1/20th of original size without losing quality.


Eliminates courier/data entry delay & its associated cost by 96%.

Self Served

Create self-service by capturing data at the transaction point through use of scanner & smart phones.


Significant cost savings on network bandwidth & storage up to 96%.


06th March 2015  

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12th june 2015  


AdStringO Raises $350,000 From Indian Angel Network.

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12th june 2015  

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