We are pleased to invite you to join our very compelling Enterprise Global Partnership Program. The Enterprise Global Partnership Program is set up to serve your company easily and quickly bring value to your customers while generating revenue for your caller. We believe a company is known by the partnerships it keeps. We choose our mates based on their ability to surrender and our ability to complement their solutions. Exactly wish our employee relationships, we evaluate the partner relationships that we produce and act upon to educate them.

Consulting Partners

The consulting partner’s program category includes consultants. These partners provide consulting services and related implementation, integration, and training services to joint customers. Consultants may resell AdStringO Product licenses but services are the primary revenue driver.

These partners will be passed on all the relevant direct and indirect enquires related to implementation and deployment of all the AdStringO Products to the end customers.

This partner will be the most preferred ones for all the direct contact with end customer.

OEM Partners

The OEM partners include companies who extend, enhance, or complement AdStringO endpoint compression Software partners integrate, embed, or host AdStringO products as part of their software offering.

Software partners may also bundle and resell AdStringO endpoint compression software products with their solutions. Our Reporting Tools are fully customizable and configurable and adds comprehensive reporting and analytical functionality to client's software products.

Reseller Partners

The reseller partners are comprised of companies who want to take the opportunity to market, distribute, sublicense, and support some or all AdStringO products.

AdStringO Software Pvt. Ltd. is looking for partners in Delhi, Calcutta, Hyderabad and other metro cities. if you would like to be a part of our journey, please feel free to contact us.
We already have existing partners in Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore.

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