Trial Version: Is AdStringO Endpoint Compression Free Or Do I Need To Register?

If you intend to use AdStringO Endpoint Compression at your place of business or for commercial purposes, you need to register a commercial license of AdStringO Endpoint Compression. A commercial license of AdStringO Endpoint Compression is limited to the user that the license is registered to. If you want to copy it to another desktop or make it available to another user on the same desktop, you will have to purchase another license or purchase a multi-user license.

Version Comparison: What Are The Differences Between AdStringO Desk, AdStringO Mobile, Desk And Web Edition?

  • AdStringO Mobile: Any Mobile Application
  • AdStringO Desk: Works in Offline Mode Like Desktop Widget
  • AdStringO Web: Works in Online Mode like ActiveX which can be called in a button (Upload/Attach/Compress)

Commercial Serial Number: My Serial Number And Registration Details Are Not Working?

The registration details compose of two pieces of information: "Username" and "Product ID"- all information is necessary to successfully register your software.
To ensure that you do not have any problems with your registration of AdStringO Endpoint Compression, please Copy and Paste the information directly from the email sent to you into the appropriate registration fields.
View the following screenshot to help you further with the process.

Registration Of A Commercial License: I've Lost My Registration Information And/Or Application Download Link. How Can I Get Them Back?

Please use our Support desk send by sending an e-mail to
Provide us with the username and your mail-id at the time of your purchase. It is contained within the subject of the e-mail confirmation you received after completing your purchase, as well as on your invoice.
Please note that without this information, AdStringO Endpoint Compression software will have to charge you for a registration information recovery fee.

Technical Support: Am I Entitled To Technical Support?

Every registered AdStringO customer is entitled to our technical support. However, due to the large volume of queries received by our sales and support teams, priority levels for responding to these queries are determined as follows:

  • Registered commercial license users having a valid Product ID (a monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly or yearly fee including all software updates, upgrades and technical support)
  • Registered commercial customers
  • AdStringO thanks you in advance for your understanding.
    For registered customers with a support query, please provide us with your Username and Product ID reference number. This can be found in the subject field of the e-mail confirmation you received after completing your purchase, as well as on your invoice.

Technical Support: What Sort Of Information Should I Provide For A Support Enquiry?

When reporting problems, please include the following information:

  • Can you reproduce the problem again if required? If so, how?
  • Which version of Windows operating system are you running (Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.)?
  • Which AdStringO Endpoint Compression software and product version are you running (see "About AdStringO" in the Help menu)? Please include the complete "version" in your problem report.
  • If a dialog box with an error message was displayed, please include the full text of the dialog box, including the text in the title bar.

Images: What Kind Of Images/Audio/Video Can I Compress?

You can optimize any picture, graphic or photo saved in one of the following formats: JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, EMF and TIFF. For Audio – MP3, WAV, etc. & for Video – MPEG, AVI, FLV, etc.

Compression Rate: I Compressed My Pictures And Videos And Some Of Them Were Resized Although It Was Not My Wish Quality. What Happened?

AdStringO Endpoint Compression uses an intelligent method, which optimizes Videos and pictures to automatically create the best relationship between file size, dimension and quality.
When the dimensions are too big, and the user has chosen the maximum compression rate, it often leads to the creation of an optimized copy, which is a bit resized. This may not happen if you choose the "Original" or lower compression rates.
If you wish to keep the original dimensions, please select resolution as Original in Compression settings.

Compression Rate: I Compressed My Pictures And Videos And Some Of Them Were Converted Into Higher Size Than Original file. What Happened?

AdStringO Endpoint Compression uses an intelligent technique, which optimizes videos and pictures to automatically create the best relationship between file size, dimension and quality.
When the pictures are already in compressed state then the sizes of compressed file get increased. Also some file formats in TIFF is already locked for compression by the principal vendor where post compression the file size may get increased.

Batch Process: Can I Select And Optimize Several Files As A Batch Process?

Yes, this is possible.
AdStringO Endpoint Compression allows you to optimize images simultaneously in a batch process for below editions
Free Trial: 5 Images
Personal: 100 Images
Corporate: 500 Images

  • Browse to the location of your files with Windows Explorer or the AdStringO search function
  • Choose the Source folder where image resides
  • Choose your target Compression Settings and click save image.
  • The compressed files can be previewed and any modification or deletion can happen during preview stage.
  • Final accepted previewed compressed images can then submitted to cloud server.

System Requirements: What Are The System Requirements For AdStringO Endpoint Compression?

Please refer to the following requirements for the specific program part:

Function Requirements
Desktop Offline Edition Windows XP, Vista, 7 Server 2000, Server 2003, Server 2008 Minimum 266MHz Pentium or compatible CPU 256MB RAM 20MB of available hard disk space
Android Mobile & Tab Edition Version 2.2 and Above
Web Browser Support Internet Explorer 8.0 and above
iPhone Edition & iPad Version 7.1 & above
.net Framework 2.0 and above

Compression Rate: By How Much Will AdStringO Compress My Pictures, Graphics And Images?

This depends on the weight, resolution and format of your files, and on the compression level you have selected.
Don't be surprised when you reach compression levels of up to 99%. Average compression rates vary between 70-90%.

Languages: What Languages Is AdStringO Endpoint Compression Supported In?

AdStringO supports only English.

Drag & Drop: Can I Drag The Image File Onto The AdStringO Icon?

No you have select the Folder where image resides.

Optimization: Will AdStringO Endpoint Compression Delete Or Destroy My Original File?

No. AdStringO Endpoint Compression creates an optimized copy in the Cloud Server from where you can retrieve it.

Compression Software: Will Compression Software Such As Zip And Rar Programs Do The Same Job?

No. Compression software such as WinZip or WinRAR work by compressing the raw data in your files, whereas AdStringO Endpoint Compression uses a number of different compression methods to optimize them. Therefore AdStringO Endpoint Compression will typically achieve a much greater compression rate with already compressed media-rich files such as JPEGs. Additionally, with AdStringO Endpoint Compression there is no need to unzip your files before using them.

Installation: If I Send An Optimized File To Someone, Do They Need A Copy Of AdStringO To Open It At Their End?

No. The optimized file remains in a graphical format and can be opened like any other picture or image file.

Optimization: Can I Still Edit My Pictures And Images After I Have Optimized Them?

Yes. AdStringO Endpoint Compression will not affect the structure or layout of your pictures or images.

iPhone And Mobile Devices: Is There A iPhone Or Non-Android Mobile App Version Of AdStringO?

Yes, AdStringO Endpoint Compression is available for the iPhone.
Please send your interest for non-android version to

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